separate discussion and development lists

Andreas Tille andreas at
Mon Aug 16 07:04:21 UTC 2010

On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 10:08:03AM -0400, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> We could say: bug reports go to pkg-multimedia, all other discussion
> goes to debian-multimedia? I'm still not sure if it is a good move or
> not. I've not seen much discussion around multimedia going on... but
> maybe we are discouraging it with our relatively high bug traffic?

I think so.  I also see good chances that debian-multimedia at l.d.o is not
widely known.  My plan would be to advertise in Squeeze release notes a
Debian Multimedia Blend, and give pointers to the apropriate lists with
a clear topic of the lists.  This would require that we define these
topics and the tasks will be polished to reflect a well structured set
of the multimedia applications.

> Well, they were driven by the same person (Free). The alioth project
> associated with the old Debian Multimedia team is demudi (it still
> exists, you can look it up).

If this is the case I would also think that this should be sorted out
before the Squeeze release notes are finalised.  If you ask me this
infrastructural work currently is more important than just packaging
some latest upstream versions for Sid.

Kind regards


PS: I just wonder whether we should move this discussion to
    debian-multimedias at l.d.o


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