Bug#396954: Bug# 396954: mplayer: please also provide mencoder

Arnout Engelen debbugs at bzzt.net
Sun May 23 23:04:53 UTC 2010

> However, things have changed a bit. The objections with the encoders can
> be adressed in the same way as in ffmpeg, so IMO it should make no
> problem to introduce mencoder into debian proper, under the provision
> that the same encoder policy as in ffmpeg is applied to mplayer as well.
> I'm CC'ing ftp-master so that they have a chance to object. If we don't
> hear objections, we'll introduce mencoder in the next upload making sure
> that the internal copy of libavcodec is removed from some encoders the
> same way as ffmpeg is done

Great to see some progress here, looking forward to having mencoder in Debian.


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