Accepted faad2 2.7-5 (source amd64)

Alessio Treglia alessio at
Mon Nov 22 08:48:52 UTC 2010

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 9:47 AM, Fabian Greffrath <fabian at> wrote:
> Am 20.11.2010 12:37, schrieb Alessio Treglia:
>> Oh god, I made a mistake.
>> I get a lot of confusion while trying to re-upload the package, maybe
>> I've switched to the wrong git branch.
> You've messed up the changelog, IMHO it's not that bad and can be fixed in
> the next upload. ;)

Yes, it is: I ap

> What's a bit worse is that the new package revision contains the rather
> intrusive bpa-stdin patch. I fear this will make it harder to convince the
> RT to include this revision of the faad2 package in queeze. We should have
> reverted it beforehand and only upload with the two minor fixes (my path_max
> patch and your pointer_size one).
> I'd suggest to upload another package 2.7-6 with the following changes:
> * Fix debian/changelog for 2.7-5
> * Unapply bpa-stdin.patch (but maybe keep it in the package)
> And then request a freeze exception with the debdiff between 2.7-4 and
> 2.7-6.

As alternative, we could upload a 2.7-4+squeeze1 release to t-p-u,
what do you think?

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