vo-aacenc_0.1.0~rc1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

Alexander Reichle-Schmehl tolimar at debian.org
Tue Apr 19 09:15:55 UTC 2011


Am 19.04.2011 08:45, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:

>> while I *highly appreciate* your timely acceptance of the vo-aacenc
>> package (AAC is an MPEG specification after all), I still fail to see
>> why very similar packages like lame are left unattended in the NEW queue
>> for 9 months now!

Do you consider that a good way to start a productive discussion, or you
just want to dump some heat?

If it's the second, I recommend to stop reading here, and send all your
replies to /dev/null.  Thanks in advance!

And just for the record:  lame hasn't been left unattended in the NEW
queue.  Just because something waits there, doesn't mean we ignore it
and don't do anything with it.

Best regards,

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