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Wed Apr 20 15:33:29 UTC 2011

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some of the pd-packages have an FTBFS bug reported.
i fixed all of those packages (i knew of), and would appreciate if
somebody could upload the package, as given in the subject (i admit i
don't type this entire letter for each of the packages).

Other changes in the package:
- - added (short) Vcs stanzas (if there was none)
- - Suggest "pd-libdir" rather than Depend on it, since each of those
packages can be used perfectly well without pd-libdir installed; the
latter only adds a bit more comfort
- - minor cosmetic fixes to the package description (to keep lintian happy)

i have NOT added myself to the uploaders, but i upated debian/changelog,
so this gives some NMU-lintian warnings (which will go away if the real
uploader touches the changelog, so i didn't bother), but apart from that
the package appears to be lintian clean.

the package has been build without problems in a pbuilder chroot.

i pushed everything to [1].

please have a look and eventually upload (or comment)


[1] git://
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