libffado: bug 601661 closed?

Marcio Teixeira marciotex at
Sat Jun 25 22:13:00 UTC 2011


I'm returning to my activities in Debian project, after a long time offline.
I worked in libiec61883, libfreebob (pré-ffado). Sorry for my ugly and poor
english. So: to work!


these bug is closed.


these bug is open (Am I correct?).

And confirms: bug is closed since 1928
upstream and 2.0.99+svn1985-2 debian. So, can someone confirm if I'm correct
and, if yes, close bug? I guess the problem is Changelog: (Closes: #601660
#601661) and not (Closes: #601660 Closes: #601661). Am I correct?

Thanks in advance.


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