Bug#615742: binutils gold fix for libdrumstick

Modestas Vainius modax at debian.org
Tue Mar 1 00:11:50 UTC 2011


On antradienis 01 Kovas 2011 01:06:22 Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas wrote:
> I've wrote Drumstick, and I know for sure that the target "vpiano" uses
> QT_X11_X11_LIBRARY for linking. The bug report says that when linking this
> target in Debian, it fails saying that -lX11 is required.
> I suspect that there may be a problem in Debian around this matter. It
> works fine in some other distros.

Nop, you misunderstood the bug a bit. It does link on Debian or 0.5.0-1 would 
not be in Debian testing. gold linker enables --no-add-needed by default and 
that's typically the reason for packages to fail linking with it. Now ubuntu 
enabled --as-needed by default and gcc maintainer is pushing this to debian 
proper too.

So yes, the reason it's failing is that QT_X11_X11_LIBRARY is undefined and --
no-add-needed no longer looks the library up recursively. The code which sets 
this variable was removed in cmake 2.8.1 by [1]. QT_X11_X11_LIBRARY falls out 
of FindQt4.cmake scope.

You're right that current debian patch (courtesy by ubuntu) is a pure hack and 
you nailed its deficiencies well. But you have the bug on your hands 
nevertheless, it's not debian-specific bug. In order to fix this properly, do 
find_package(X11) and use a proper variable which expands to X11 library 
(iirc, X11_X11_lib).


Modestas Vainius <modax at debian.org>
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