Request for pyjack to be included in pkg-multimedia

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Wed Mar 2 15:14:35 UTC 2011


As always thanks and a big tip of the hat to all your efforts here, having
all of this great multimedia stuff in Debian is a dream come true.

I recently have been discussing JACK transport and JACK support with the
developers of the Openshot Video Editor who have made incredible strides
in Linux Video Editing. They are starting to examine ways to improve and
enhance the audio side of the app. One of the methods being discussed is
to incorporate JACK transport support which is also on the todo list at
KDEnlive. A key ingredient to making this happen is the 'pyjack' library
which is not currently packaged within Debian. This library has been
successfully used to lock transport with Ardour and Blender and the
Openshot developers have said having it available in Debian (and of course
Ubuntu) would be a big step in the right direction and would make it
available as a dependency instead of an obscure outside librsry. I think
the potential with Blender, KDEnlive and Openshot for development avenues
makes it worthwhile to look into. Of course as a member of this list but
not a maintainer it's easy for me to suggest without knowing exactly what
packaging it entails. I respectfully offer the suggestion for what it's

pyjack project is here:

What do you guys think??

Best Regards, Glen MacArthur - AV Linux maintainer,

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