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Date: 2011/3/2
Subject: [LAD] lv2config - packager feedback needed
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Hi all,

The upcoming LV2r4 has a new extension header #include scheme, and a
tool to enable it, named lv2config.

Rather than type everything all over again, see here:


lv2config can be used (like ldconfig) to set up system-installed
extension includes, or can be used by an individual project to bundle

Packagers would use it to generate the include hierarchy when building a
package for an LV2 extension. This is the part I need feedback on, e.g.
someone pointed out the need for DESTDIR, so that is there now. Before
release, any other things that need doing to enable packaging of LV2
extensions (a new ability) should be aired out.

lv2config is part of core.lv2 which can be had from SVN here:


I wrote the C version late last night, but it seems to work for all the
cases I can think of.



P.S. There has already been a lot of back-and-forth on the #include
format and use for a tool. This is how it needs to be. Feedback is
needed on the /implementation/.

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