jack-audio-connection-kit_0.118+svn4104-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into experimental

Adrian Knoth adi at drcomp.erfurt.thur.de
Thu Mar 3 13:40:21 UTC 2011

On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 11:16:23PM +0100, Reinhard Tartler wrote:

[re-uploading former experimental jackd packages to unstable]
> > Are we ready to upload this (and 1.9.6~dfsg.1-5) to unstable?

I've prepared the new jackd1 package (0.120.1, new upstream release).

It's already built, I can upload if you agree, however:

> can we please get the current mega transition get through before
> starting yet another one?

I fail to see the connection between jackd and the current ffmpeg and/or
raptor transition. Should be completely modular and not causing any
trouble besides additional load on the buildds.

WRT jackd2: Let me ask upstream if they intend to also release a new
version incorporating the new API additions made in jackd1-0.120.1.
AFAIK, they haven't caught up, yet, though it's very likely they'll
follow soon.

If they don't intend to release anytime soon, I'll update to current svn
and upload to unstable tomorrow (given that we agree on uploading jackd
packages at all)


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