Looking for sponsor or mentor for package crtmpserver

Alessandro Ghedini al3xbio at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 09:16:01 UTC 2011

Hello Andriy,

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 02:01:45AM +0200, Andriy Beregovenko wrote:
> I'm looking for sponsor or mentor to my package crtmpserver.
> Here is ITP:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=617641
> and package on mentors.debian.net:
> http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=crtmpserver
> In two words:
> crmpserver is high performance streaming server. It support several
> protocols family like: RTMP, RTSP/RTCP/RTP, MPEG-TS, plain flv publishing.
> Also it is generic network platform, and creating custom protocols with it
> is
> really easy. In future plans are implement next protocols: gearman(already
> exist but not too clean, so not included yet), memcached, possible redis.
> Also there is some implementation of RTMFP protocol, but still not clean.
> This allow use crtmpserver as universal network media streaming platform.
> Licensed under GNU GPLv3.

Here is a quick review of your package :)

- debian/init.d should be named debian/[package].init (have a look at the 
  dh_installinit manpage)
- debian/copyright looks wrong. There are many files licensed BSD-3-clause
  and zlib/libpng. You should include them in the copyright as well.
  Also, you may want to convert d/copyright to use the DEP5 format [0]
  (not strictly needed, but very appreciated)
- Missing debian/watch file (I'm not sure if this can be fixed)
- If you don't use the Vcs-* fields in debian/control you should remove
  them (they are currently commented-out)
- There are many lintian I, P and even E tags. Please fix them (and use
  lintian -IE --pedantic to check your package). For example:

    P: crtmpserver source: source-contains-svn-control-dir ...
    E: crtmpserver: copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl ..
    E: crtmpserver: possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl ...
    I: crtmpserver: copyright-with-old-dh-make-debian-copyright ...
    I: crtmpserver: spelling-error-in-binary ...

Please also consider joining the Debian Multimedia Maintainers team to 
(co-)maintain this and (when you'll feel comfortable) other 
multimedia-related packages.
In the team you'll find valuable mentors that'll guide and help you in
the process of maintaining this and other (multimedia-related) packages.

Have a look at the team's wiki [0], if you agree with our policies (e.g. 
using git to co-maintain packages, using quilt for managing patches, etc...)
you are very welcome. :)

(if you accept let us know your account name on alioth.debian.org so that I 
or someone else can add you to the pkg-multimedia project and setup a git 
repository for your package)


[0] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia/DevelopPackaging

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