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Dear Friend,

My name is Capt.Steve Brown, a Captain in the U.S. Army now on a tour of duty in Northern Iraq. During one of our duty assignment, we stumbled on an Al-Qaeda dump site where was stacked many arms and also cash dollars to the amount of over $50 Million. We only declared the arms and kept quiet concerning the money. The money was shared among us and I being the Platoon commander got $10.7 Million. I was able to move this money out of Iraq to Bangkok Thailand through a Non Governmental Organization.

Presently the money is lodged with a Safe Keeping company. My tour is not finished and because of my status I am not eligible to possess such a huge amount of money. So I am seeking a trust worthy person who will stand as the beneficiary of this fund on my behalf and move the money to your country and hold it on trust for me until I am back from my national service.

You will be entitled to 30% of the total sum for your assistance. Please bear in mind that this transaction is 100% risk free and also highly confidential so you need to keep it to yourself alone for security reasons because of the huge amount involve. 

Please respond so as to send to you further details about this transaction through this Email: captstevebrown at

Best Regards,
Capt.Steve Brown.
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