jackd packaging for amd64

steph5150 steph5150 at free.fr
Tue Mar 22 22:35:40 UTC 2011


Proposal concerning jackd1 and libjack0 packages for amd64 :

 Could it be possible to include the 32bits version (i386) of the
libraries (to be installed in /usr/lib32) for 32bits/wine stuffs
compatibility ?

 It would be handy to have it all in the same package, avoiding us users
to unpack the i386 version to put, manually, the .so files and their
links in /usr/lib32 (those files are needed to build amd64 version of
fst for example, and wine/jack related stuffs).

 An other option would be to make specific "jackd1-32libs" and
"libjack0-32libs" packages for amd64...

 Thanks you all for the amazing work...
Have a good day,

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