Attn Email Owner

Web Service navila at
Wed Mar 23 15:16:52 UTC 2011

                             CENTRAL CLAIM OFFICE
                        Calle Genova, 7. 28004, Madrid


Attn Email Owner,
This is to inform you on the Euro Million raffle draw conducted online have been released and your email address was selected as a lucky winner to claim a prize of 450,000 Euros attached to a ticket No: PP02-58176/22ES

If your are the owner of this email address and you want to claim your prize,please Email Mr. Marco Silvaro of (Imperio Insurance S.L ) to process your claim.

Remember to include your details as follow; Name. Address.   Sex.  Age.  Occupation. Phone number.

Contact Claim Agent:
Imperio Express Seguros
Mr. Marco Silvaro
E-mail: contact at
Public Information Officer

Congratulate once again and we wish you more chances.

Mr.Francisco Adrian
Spain Central Office
Europe Organizing Committee

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