Please move Audacious from Debian experimental to Debian unstable

Jürgen Göricke anmelden at
Thu Mar 24 04:41:12 UTC 2011

Hello Debian Audacious Packagers!

Is it possible the package audacious version 2.4.3 from Debian
experimental move to Debian Unstable? The package audacious with
version 2.3 know, a tumble while doing instabilities online streams
with long maturity. The version of the package audacious from Debian
experimental, playing without problems the online radio streams. The
codec used is MPEG 2/4 ACC. I hope you understand my question, because
my English is not very good. My nativ language is german. The system
used is Debian testing i386 (minimal installation) with lxde-core or

send Requests on my email address please

Best regards

Jürgen Göricke

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