Question: depending on multiple sound server libraries

Johannes Weißl jargon at
Thu Mar 24 12:52:39 UTC 2011

Hello Reinhard,

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 12:30:35PM +0100, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> If cmus handles missing libraries gracefully, you could do what xine did
> in the past, namely putting the dependencies in the 'Recommends' or even
> 'Suggests' field instead of 'Depends'.

I forgot to mention, this is what cmus currently (since 15 Mar 2011) does.
The problem is, cmus doesn't handle modules with unresolved symbols
gracefully (prints error message to stderr). I think this is justified,
because normally it indicates an unwanted mistake.

> Xine abandoned that idea in the end, however. While from the maintenance
> side, it was quite maintainable (at least IMO), it wasn't really that
> well accepted by the users AFAIR, so xine now does it similar to vlc and
> packs its modules in a rather artificially selected set of packages
> which turned out to become very hard to get right.

Yes, I can imagine that it can be hard to get right. Fortunately it
might be easier for cmus. I couldn't find shared modules in /usr/lib
that have unresolved symbols on my systems, so I thought maybe this
isn't a desirable solution at all.

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