Bug#619530: ffmpeg: backport of 4:0.6.1-5 from unstable produces WARNING: library configuration mismatch

Faheem Mitha faheem at email.unc.edu
Mon Mar 28 11:18:12 UTC 2011

On Mon, 28 Mar 2011, Fabian Greffrath wrote:

> Am 28.03.2011 12:53, schrieb Fabian Greffrath:
>> I still don't understand how this warning could occur on your system
>> in the first place if all libraries are installed from the same
>> source, i.e. unstable. You really didn't rebuild anything yourself?
> Sorry, I was wrong! I see this in unstable as well, I just didn't find the 
> warning itself in the very verbose output of the library configurations 
> (mis-interpreted this as a normal output).

That "very verbose output" is part of the warning. :-)

> It seems the culprit is that the shared library build is configured with 
> additional "--disable-ffmpeg --disable-ffplay" flags, whereas the ffmpeg 
> frontend obviously isn't. These two flags are common to all arch-optimized 
> library builds, so it is quite expected that the frontend and the shared 
> library (that the dynamic linker chose to link against) differ in their 
> configuration. It is, however, IMHO pointless to explicitely point this fact 
> out whenever the frontend is run, so I agree with Reinhard that this 
> "feature" should be disabled on systems which allow for combinations of 
> regular frontend and optimized shared libraries.

Hmm. Did you confirm this was the problem by changing the config flags?

If so, perhaps point out to the ffmpeg people that their warning is (at 
least in some cases) a red herring (alternatively, produces a false 
positive), and ask if it could be made more intelligent.

I am sorry I did not have an unstable installation handy, as then I could 
have provided a better bug report. Maybe I'll do a virtualbox unstable 
installation, or make an unstable chroot or upgrade one of my vserver 

                                                           Regards. Faheem

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