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From:Vincent Lee,
Please reply me
Dearest One,
Compliement of the  day, I am Vincent Lee, The only son of late Mr Alain   and Mrs Mary Lee. I  contacted you after my praying and fasting for  God's  direction in search of a  honest and sincere person who will  sincerely  assist me in this transaction. I  believe that my contact with  you is not  by chance but for the good will of  almighty God to be done  in our life.  It is my pleasure to contact you for a  business venture  which I  intend  to establish in your country, Though I have  not met  with you before but  I believe one has to risk, confiding in someone  to  succeed in this  life.
Please and Please, Do not be embarased, I  prayed for God's direction to   find a honest and truthful person in my life  cause I find it difficult   to find one here because of my father's reputation  as a wealthy person   here before his sudden death, leaving me inheritance of  fortune worth   ($5. million america dollars) My intension is to transfer this  fund to   your country for investment on a lucrative business which you will    manage together with me.The fear of this money not raising eye brow  here  in  abidjan, cote d' ivoire, I decided to contact you, seeking for  your  honest and  sincere assistance because I am too young to handle  this  transaction. I will  give you more information and as soon as I  hear from  you.
I have decided to  offer you 20% of the total amount of money as a   compensation for your efforts  input in this transaction, that is just   for your honest and sincere assistance  to me, then you handle and   control the investment while i continue my  eduaction there in your   country and joins you in the investment as soon as i  finish my  education  there.
I will fly to meet you there in your Country for  the investment and to   start my new life with you after the success of this  transaction, i  hope  to establishing a rewarding and good relationship with  you. I am   waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.
Thanks and God  bless you as you sincerely assist i we like you to send her :  leevin1lee at
Best regard.
From:Vincent Lee,

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