[SCM] crtmpserver/master: Add portinstall script for crtmpserver-apps package

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Sun Nov 6 06:58:35 UTC 2011

On Sa, Nov 05, 2011 at 23:02:25 (CET), Andriy Beregovenko wrote:


>> >> So, this is what I propose:
>> >> 
>> >> - Install the references in /usr/share/doc/crtmpserver/examples. This
>> >>   can be done elegenatly using dh_installexamples(1) in debian/rules.
>> > I think crtmpserver-apps.examples is enough.
>> Ok
>> >> - Install a copy of that sample files in /etc/crtmpserver/applications/{app}.whatever.
>> >>
>> >> - remove this postinst script.
>> > This is main question. How I can copy/install working scripts if not use
>> > postinst ? Most of theese scripts must and will be modified in future by user.
>> Oh, I didn't remember that point. That's important to have in mind.
>> >> - Rely on dpkg conffile mechanism to track user changes.
>> > I do not think that it so smart to track changes in LUA script.
>> > "We can safely expect that every user *will* definitly want to edit and
>> > adjust the contents. This also means that dpkg *will* prompt on every 
>> > package upgrade that changes anything in the file." - Your word about(april
>> > 2011 :))
>> right, in that case, I'd probably not put anything in /etc, but document
>> in README.Debian what the user is supposed to do. It could for example
>> tell users to copy the sample files to etc, similar to what your
>> postinst script does. Or you could even place such an install script in
>> verbatim the the README.Debian file so that the instructions become
>> copy&paste-able.
>> Do these files really have to go to /etc? Wouldn't any other location,
>> such as the users home, do as well?
> First of all, I should clarify the situation around this software usage.
> So, this sofware is powerfull platform that allows to perform tasks related
> to the streaming. It should be mentioned that despite the high functionality
> of the product, it ready to use out-of-box(using default configuration).
> Most of the users needs only default features(with some additional lines in
> configs), so they looking for easy-to-install and fast-start software.

The part above would fit quite nice into README.Debian, I think.

> I plan to provide such solution. We can make software usage easy - so we
> must to do this. Debian is not Slackware.
> That is why I insist on placing the configuration files in the /etc, adding
> system user(this is option, mostly for security reasons) and starting daemon
> immediately after it is installed. We must do only 'apt-get install' and we
> got already worked solution.

That's a fair point, really. In that case, having dpkg conffile
management and prompts on each upgrade seems could the lesser evil and
together with proper documentation, the right solution for this situation.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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