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Good Day 

Am LIZA ABUBAKAR ,I work with AlFA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. A Subsidiary of DYNAMIC GROUP OF COMPANIES. and we are suppliers of GDS 1.8TM Jewelry Cleaner.We supply to the industries here in LONDON and USA. GDS 1.8TM Jewelry Cleaner is a chemical used for the purification of rough diamonds and precious stones. This chemical is in high demand here in Uk and i found it very cheap in asia precisely malaysia. it is manufactured in North korea but because of the Export duties in North Korea and some product cannot be exported directly to Uk thats why we buy from Agents, it is sold here in Uk at rate of 8,800usd per carton and it is sold in Malysia at the rate of  MYR4,300, and my company is not aware of the price in Malaysia , i have quoted the price to be MYR7,100 and the price was accepted and the management decided to send our company representative to Asia for the purchase of this chemical. 

My problem now is that i need a middle person  who can transact the business with me, the person will buy from the agent in malaysia and resale to my company at the quoted price and the profit is shared between us 40% for me and 60% for you..lf you are interested i will introduce you to my company as the agent dealing on this chemical in asia, you will buy from the agent and resale to my company. my company will be sending our representative to asia to purchase this chemical and i dont want them to go directly to the agent because of the price which i have quoted to them for this will cause a conflict of interest and i stand the risk of losing my job thats the more reason i need a middle person in this transaction, This business is in this dimension as you will not take my company representative to the main distributor to avoid direct transaction from the source, since this is where we will make our profits, thereafter share the profits after mapping out
 the money input costs. I don't know if we can make this together as this is a long term and continuous business, if this is acceptable to you get back to me ASAP . 

your sincerely 
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