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(new) gmerlin-plugins-base_1.0.0~dfsg-12_amd64.deb optional sound
gmerlin plugins from the "base" set
 Gmerlin is a multiformat media player with tree-like virtual directory
 structure, where you can save your files, webstreams or whatever. It
 handles even large media collections gracefully. Hardware devices appear
 also in the tree so you can open Audio-CDs, (S)VCDs, DVDs and
 This package provides the gmerlin plugins from the "base" set.
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Changes: gmerlin (1.0.0~dfsg-12) unstable; urgency=low
  * Replace negated list of architectures with linux-any.
  * Build for Multiarch
    - Split plugins out of main runtime 'gmerlin' package.
    - Bump DH compatibility.
    - Set gmerlin-data as Multi-Arch: foreign.
    - Add --libdir=\$${prefix}/lib/$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH) to
  * Even if not strictly needed, set Breaks/Replaces on gmerlin to be
    greater than or equals 1.0.0~dfsg-12~ to gmerlin-plugins-base.

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gmerlin-data_1.0.0~dfsg-12_all.deb - extra sound
gmerlin-dbg_1.0.0~dfsg-12_amd64.deb - extra debug
gmerlin-doc_1.0.0~dfsg-12_all.deb - extra doc
gmerlin_1.0.0~dfsg-12.dsc - source sound
gmerlin_1.0.0~dfsg-12_amd64.deb - extra sound
libgmerlin-common_1.0.0~dfsg-12_amd64.deb - optional libs
libgmerlin-dev_1.0.0~dfsg-12_amd64.deb - extra libdevel
libgmerlin-doc_1.0.0~dfsg-12_all.deb - extra doc
libgmerlin0_1.0.0~dfsg-12_amd64.deb - extra libs

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