Bug#682948: Incorrect versioning scheme disturbs upgrading

IRIE Shinsuke irieshinsuke at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Jul 27 22:33:18 UTC 2012


12/07/27, Matteo F. Vescovi wrote:
> I'm not going to use SVN revisions other than the stable releases.
> So Debian Blender package is not going to face this issue at all.
> Since I'm actually the only active maintainer for this package,
> I don't see any issue in naming using upstream's version numbering.

Hmm... I see, that is what I have worried about.

What about another numbering scheme using "." between the minor
version and the version character as follows?

   2.63, 2.63.a, 2.63.b, ...

This scheme is very similar to the upstream version numbering, and
should never cause the upgrade issue even if a version suffix is

IRIE Shinsuke

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