Bug#697538: gnome-mplayer: shows the wrong image for the play/pause button after going full screen

Sebastian Ramacher sramacher at debian.org
Sun Jan 6 17:15:25 UTC 2013

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Control: retitle -2 gnome-mplayer: Ctrl+F doesn't enable fullscreen

On 2013-01-06 18:02:45, Francesco Poli (wintermute) wrote:
> Steps to reproduce:
>   0) start the program:
>      $ gnome-mplayer your_favorite_video.ogv
>   1) everything looks OK, the video starts to play and the GUI seems to
>      be correctly shown (good!)
>   2) click on the "Full Screen" button: the video goes full screen (good!)
>   3) look at the (rollaway) GUI: the image for the play/pause button
>      is wrongly replaced by another one which seems to represent the
>      action of disabling full screen mode!
>   4) hit [F] or [Ctrl+F]: full screen mode is disabled (good!)
>   5) look at the GUI: the image for the play/pause button is wrongly
>      replaced by one identical to the "Full Screen" button image,
>      as in the attached screenshot!
>   6) click on the play/pause button: the video pauses (or resumes playing,
>      depending on what it was doing before), as expected when clicking
>      on a play/pause button
>   7) the GUI looks OK, until you again go full screen...
> I think this is caused by some sort of bug: please fix it and/or forward
> my report upstream.
> Thanks for your time!

This is fixed in d51a4d0b (and upstream's r2381).

> P.S.: by the way, pressing [F] enables and disables full screen mode,
> as documented in the man page, but it seems to me that [Ctrl+F] only
> disables full screen mode, and cannot be used to enable it; do you
> also experience this same strange asymmetry or is it just me? could
> it be that something steals my [Ctrl+F] before it is sent to gnome-mplayer?
> but what? do you want me to file a separate bug report for this?

Indeed. Cloned as new bug.

Sebastian Ramacher
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