[SCM] glmark2/master: RFP/ITP bug #695849 assigned

Ansgar Burchardt ansgar at debian.org
Wed Jan 9 08:39:15 UTC 2013

Reinhard Tartler <siretart at gmail.com> writes:
> thanks for running PET for pkg-multimedia. We are wondering how to get
> packages removed from pet.

There is a cronjob running once a day that should make them disappear
automatically (there are no hooks that are run after removal), but it
looks like dvdauthor.git confuses PET a bit: the HEAD points to master,
but there is no master branch there. That causes the cronjob to abort.

Could you either create a master branch or run
  git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/debian
in the dvdauthor.git repository on Alioth? Then "git rev-parse HEAD"
should give you a commit hash instead of saying "HEAD". "git rev-parse
HEAD 0.7.0" should do so as well (it currently gives an error).


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