Bug#667573: x264: 10 bit builds

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Wed Jan 16 15:45:48 UTC 2013

Le septidi 27 nivôse, an CCXXI, Sebastian Dröge a écrit :
> Right, but the calling application has no way to know what the library
> will accept other than looking at x264_config.h.

That is not true:

/* x264_bit_depth:
 *      Specifies the number of bits per pixel that x264 uses. This is also the
 *      bit depth that x264 encodes in. If this value is > 8, x264 will read
 *      two bytes of input data for each pixel sample, and expect the upper
 *      (16-x264_bit_depth) bits to be zero.
 *      Note: The flag X264_CSP_HIGH_DEPTH must be used to specify the
 *      colorspace depth as well. */
X264_API extern const int x264_bit_depth;

> One example of this is the GStreamer x264 plugin. It has to know
> beforehand which raw video formats are supported and also what the
> library will output.

AFAICS, gstreamer x264 plugin does not worry about bit depth _at all_. That
is not a good example.

> Which again, is only possible by looking at x264enc_config.h.

And again, this is not true.

> True, but that's no reason to make it worse.

Thanks for your support.

> Yes, and as stated above changed the library at runtime is a bad idea
> because the library will be different from what the application saw
> during build it x264_config.h.

If the application is correctly written, it works perfectly (I have done it
dozens of times) and is very useful. Calling something that works and is
useful a "bad idea" is a rather unusual use of the expression.


  Nicolas George
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