Bug#663262: dvbcut can't open recorded mpeg-transportstreams bigger than 2 GB

Klaumi Klingsporn klaumikli at gmx.de
Sat Jan 19 21:11:05 UTC 2013

Dear maintainer,

to make a long story short: After a hardware-crash, new computer, new
fresh debian-wheezy install (this time amd64) without any qt3 and
therefor dvbcut 0.5.4+svn178-2, the program seems to work well also on
files bigger than 2 GB. Also the file, which initialized my bugreport
could be loaded, cut and saved.

There are only a few cosmetic problems left (no icons in the file- and
play-icon-bar)  - and also there no more seemes to be any possibility to
save preferences. The qt3-version stored preferences, last files etc. in
~/.qt/dvbcut.sf.netrc; the qt4-version ignores this file and stores

But all in all, I think you can close this bug ;-)


Klaus-Michael Klingsporn            
mail: klaumikli at gmx.de
web: www.klaumikli.de

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