pd-zexy: broken Build-Depends

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Wed Jan 23 23:32:56 UTC 2013

IOhannes zmölnig dixit:

>>> Well, your puredata is from before stable... With the current build
>>> depends pd-zexy can be built in stable.
> as a matter of fact, i'm not entirely sure about this.

Mh. I’m just building to catch up, m68k had five thousand and then
some packages in Needs-Build one month ago (less than 2800 right
now). Then, those versioned Build-Depends are really helpful, as,
which is in my eyes a bug, wanna-build does not order the queue
by B-D actuality for such cases (at all), as long as a dependency
exists and is installable.

> configure is supposed to check both the new and the old header, but
> unfortunately stops checking after the check for the new header location failed
> (due to the upstream bug i mentioned).

Mh. Then either fix that or bump the B-D version ;-)

So I did in fact spot a problem with it. Well, it’s no longer a
problem for me, as I mentioned that I just built the other package
first, but glad to be useful ;-)

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