KXstudio apps in Debian

Adrian Knoth adi at drcomp.erfurt.thur.de
Sun Jan 27 23:08:00 UTC 2013


I've been chatting with falktx from KXstudio:

23:49 < falktx> adi_: my liitle babies here:

23:52 < adi_> falktx: One day, we should bring all this to Debian. ;)
(though I don't want to steal your user base, simply because it's good)

23:53 < falktx> adi_: I'm already working for that actually!
23:55 < falktx> adi_: I have in-progress debian sources here
23:55 < falktx> adi_: doesn't have orig.tar.xx because it comes from git
23:56 < falktx> adi_: it doesn't have any special dependencies, except
for python3-pyqt4

It features a handy jack config tool that takes care about pulseaudio
integration. It also has a cool session manager and more.

People on IRC love it, it seems to "just work".

I'm lacking time to fully do it myself, but maybe others are interested
to bring this to Debian and eventually Ubuntu.

I also like the idea of Falk doing things right and then using what's
known to work. :)


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