From The Office Of Alhaji Shehu Ladan(GMD NNPC)To Revelation.

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Fri Jul 3 17:49:59 UTC 2015


>From the Desk of: Alhaji Shehu Ladan
Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation (NNPC)

(Overdue Contract Payment)

Attn: Contractor,

After waiting to hear from you or your Partners who introduced you
into this transaction for a long time now, I decided to make this
direct approach today as to let you know that I don’t have any bad
intention or mixed feelings against you. I keep wondering if you have
asked yourself this question? Why is it that ever since you were
introduced into this transaction, you have been going round in circles
without getting to the bottom or end of this and also why is it that
each time the release of these fund is announced,all of a sudden, the
payment will be stopped or one problem or the other will come up.

If you have not asked this question or you do not know, this is an
opportunity for me to detail you properly now that I have been
appointed as the new Managing Director of the (NNPC) Corporation and
for you to avoid being misled by imposters as I am the only person
that knows the genesis of this transaction.

Some time ago I was in-Charge of the Contract Award and Supervisory
Unit of the NNPC, the people that introduced you to the project
approached me and requested me to assist them conclude a money
transfer deal they had with you, they requested me to assist them by
putting in your name as the Original Beneficiary of the funds in
question in order to make you appear as the rightful beneficiary of
this funds. I agreed on condition that they will pay me US$100,000 as
soon as your name appears as the beneficiary.

I did as agreed and demanded to be paid but your friends started
telling me stories. They even told me that you promise to send money
to me. Do you know that up till now, I have not received a single cent
from them and have not set my eyes on any of them? Based on their
attitude, as the newly appointed Group Managing Director of the
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), I decided to stop the
release of the funds through a strong worded  petition to the Office
of the newly elected President of Nigeria himself who is also my step brother.

My reason of taking such decision is because I cannot be denied of my
right in my own Office considering the risk that it might affect my

Secondly, I know personally that you are not the rightful beneficiary
of the funds in question, although I am the only person privileged to
know this information and it is a fact.

Why I am making this clear to you is that I can see that you are still
making efforts; spending money in order to conclude this project which
I know that it will not be possible for you without my involvement.

I am ready to forget the past on condition that a share of 25% of the
total sum will be given to me and not the US$100,000 as earlier
promised by your so called Partners.

I need your assurance that those Colleagues of yours or any Government
Official will be totally kept out of this transaction since none of
them is aware of this new development after trying their best to
conclude the transaction without my consent.

Finally, I need your assurance that you will be willing to offer me
the 25% of the fund and that you will assist me to establish a Foreign
Account in your Country where my share will be lodged. If you agree to
my terms, to enable me furnish you with detailed information on what
you are to do from now on. But if the reverse is the case, do not
bother yourself to call or reach me via E-mail.

Respectfully yours,

Alhaji Shehu Ladan
Group Managing Director (GMD)
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (N.N.P.C.).

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