Bug#791589: musescore-soundfont-gm: Many muse soundfonts exist. Consider making virtual.

Jack Underwood juichenieder-debbie at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jul 6 15:00:39 UTC 2015

Thanks for getting back to me Fabian,

> The Depends: musescore-soundfont-gm has been demoted into a Suggests
It has?  As far as I see musescore-2.0.1+dfsg-2 still has

musescore-soundfont-gm as a dependency, with fluid-soundfont-gm and
timgm6mb-soundfont as Suggests... (if things have changed please
disregard) this means that musescore2 still depends on timgm6mb-soundfont
via musescore-soundfont-gm despite it listed as a Suggests.

Because of this depends relationship it means musescore2 can't enter testing
until timgm6mb-soundfont does, which as you say still awaits ftp-master approval.

See https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/musescore which points to
https://release.debian.org/migration/testing.pl?package=musescore for the
list of problems with musescore2.

> Musescore (>= 2.0) now ships its own font
Personally I vote for taking this font out and putting it its own package
like the other fonts.  As far as I understand FluidR3Mono_GM just represents
a lighter version of the already packaged fluid-soundfont-gm, which means it
works better on slower computers.  By turning this into a virtual package,
and keeping it as a required package for musescore we effectively allow the
user to pick and choose whether they want to just install the lite or the full
version of this font (of course they can still install both, but this would
give the user that extra option).

Anyway, just an idea, I don't know what plans you have for the package.  Just
really wanting to give MuseScore 2 a spin :).


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Subject: Re: Bug#791589: musescore-soundfont-gm: Many muse soundfonts exist. Consider making virtual.

Hi Jack,

Am Montag, den 06.07.2015, 16:02 +0200 schrieb Jack Underwood:
> However many such sound font files exist on debian (e.g. fluid-soundfont-gm, so
> I wonder if this package should become a virtual package instead.

there are two, this is the other one.

Actually, Musescore (>= 2.0) had changed the prefered sound font format
and now ships its own font in "/usr/share/mscore
-2.0/sound/FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3". The Depends: musescore-soundfont-gm has
been demoted into a Suggests. Moreover, this package is now an empty
dummy pulling in the separately packaged sound font in the old format,
which is currently waiting for ftp-master approval:




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