return of the mpalyer package?!

Dafydd Harries daf at
Fri Jul 24 19:25:05 UTC 2015

"Miguel A. Colón Vélez" <debian.micove at> writes:

> The package is still in Debian, is not orphaned, still list Debian
> Multimedia as the maintainer and the git repository shows activity
> therefore most of that section applies. Also as discussed in bug
> #763148 it was known since at least 28 Sep 2014 that most likely only
> one of libav/ffmpeg would stay in Debian. Libav was the official
> library until just 2 weeks ago therefore the prudent approach was to
> wait until all that got sorted out and wait until a FFmpeg transition
> (if it ever happened) to reintroduce the package.

mplayer was removed from unstable and testing in 2013, so I think it's
disingenuous to imply that it was being actively maintained or that
therefore Robbie was trying to hijack it.

I'm glad that the situation is now resolved.

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