Select provider of libav* libraries

Bálint Réczey balint at
Mon Jun 1 15:57:58 UTC 2015

Hi Andreas,

2015-06-01 17:45 GMT+02:00 Andreas Cadhalpun <andreas.cadhalpun at>:
> Hi Bálint,
> On 01.06.2015 17:37, Bálint Réczey wrote:
>> 2015-06-01 15:33 GMT+02:00 Sebastian Ramacher <sramacher at>:
>>> On 2015-05-30 17:54:46, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
>>>>  - Sebastian, you made the most recent uploads of the Libav package
>>>> where I handed off upstream releases to you, but I don't recall you
>>>> participating in this thread. I also know that you have been
>>>> interacting with Libav upstream in the past. I'd be very curious to
>>>> hear your thoughts on this issue, would you mind sharing them?
>>> I have lost track of all the discussion happening around this topic. Can we get
>>> wiki pages that give a nice overview like we had for the
>>> systemd/sysvinit/upstart discussion [1]?
>>> Where can I find the current transition plan?
>> Please read the thread on the list archive, both the discussion and
>> the transition plan is there or opt out from the decision.
>> I really can't understand your request to set up a wiki page just
>> because you don't want to read the thread.
> I think having the arguments on the wiki isn't such a bad idea,
> because reading a long mailing list thread (where the arguments tend
> to go around in circles) consumes a lot of time.
> It'd also be nice for posterity, e.g. these sysvinit/systemd/upstart/openrc
> pages give a nice overview over available init systems.
IMO the options here are way simpler than in the init system case and
don't warrant the administrative overhead.
I will not and can not stop anyone from editing wiki pages about the
topic but fixing hundreds of security problems in unstable by actually
making the switch earlier instead makes more sense to me.


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