Bug#788002: easytag: crashes when opening a directory containing an mp3 with a long comment [correction]

Anne C. Hanna orion at ofb.net
Sun Jun 7 17:44:06 UTC 2015

Apologies, I need to make a correction to the initial bug submission.  I forgot
an important step in the process of causing the crash.

The mp3 I linked to will not cause the crash by itself.  Rather, it is necessary
to perform an additional step of replacing the carriage returns in the id3
comment with spaces.  If I attempt to use the "Process Fields" function to
perform this replacement automatically, that will cause the crash all by itself.
 Alternately, if I manually edit the comment in Easytag to convert it all into
one long line, trying to save the edited tag will also cause the crash.  (Never
mind why I was trying to do something so ridiculous.  :P)  Finally, if I edit
and save the comment with another program capable of writing tags, such as
Banshee, and then try to use Easytag to open a directory containing the edited
file (as described above), that will cause the crash.

I assume that I'm making the line longer than Easytag knows how to handle, which
maybe is kind of a stupid thing for me to do.  But crashing with an allocation
error still seems like not the best way for Easytag to handle such an insult.  :D

 - Anne

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