Bug#785142: smtube

Goran Muminovic goranmuminovic at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 13:54:39 UTC 2015


excuse me, first of all for writing to two email, i found them on google

First, I thank you, to all of you who made this program, because on my
Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz, which is more than 10 years old
(well not mine, i'm fixing it for someone) playing a video which smplayer
says is 1280x720, and mplayer is only using about 48-68% of my resources,
the cpu is about 75-80%, which is not the case with flashplugin-nonfree,
which uses a lot more and the cpu never comes down from 100% even on 360p,
going on higher 720 starts to stagger, 1080p is very bad.   So thank you
again, the frames are awesome using your player youtube is very watchable
with smtube, and now for the second

2nd, I'm using debian jessie, and i installed smtube from stretch repos
along with all the dependencies through apt-get.  I tried to change the
preferred quality but upon exit and open again, the quality goes back to
360 in the settings, but it's ok because the player isn't playing low
quality anyway, the picture is good, i just wanted to know if this would go
away if i compiled the program myself, would it be different than using
stretch repos, and if you know of a way where to change these settings so
that they stay at the highest quality, because the gui isn't working for

you people should build silverlight for linux, cuz the pipelight
plugincontainer.exe is using even more than flashplugin-nonfree, and i cant
watch netflix not even on my brother's newer computer amd e-300 with two
cores, it just staggers.........

anyway, thank you again, awesome program, i don't see why wold anyone use
flash in a browser just for the sake of the awesome framerates in your
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