Audacity 2.0.6-2 several GUI problems due to wxWidgets 3.x

Peter P. peterparker at
Thu Jun 11 16:47:42 UTC 2015


thanks for maintaining and developing the audacity package!

I am on Debian/testing and just upgraded to audacity version 2.0.6
using apt. I just noticed two new problems:

The 'device bar' is suddenly empty, regardless of used audio backend                                                               
(alsa/jack) it only shows the loudspeaker and microphone images, but no
drop-down menu of audio driver system and available record and playback
devices. The audio devices are recognized correctly in the
Preferences/Devices, it is merely the 'device bar' toolbar that is

When opening files from the command line, eg                                                                                    
        audacity somefile.wav                                                                                                        
the zoom level is not adjusted to "fit project" right after opening the                                                              
file, but a very long timeline from -24hours to more than 216hours is                                                                
displayed (and the imported waveform being literally invisible) and the                                                              
user has to click "Fit Project" in order to see the waveform.                                                                        
This does not occur when opening files from the open dialog in the                                                                   
file menu.                                                                                                                           
There are no extra messags posted on the command line when the error                                                                 

Both errors might be due to audacity being compiled against wxWidgets 3.x
It seems the audacity team is still trying to catch up with 3.x which in
itself might be in a flux. So although audacity compiles against 3.x it
is not really useable for end-users such as me. I have reported this to
the audacity devels as well, but for now it seems to be of more help to
debian users to stick to compiling the package against the older version
of wxWidgets I think.

The oldstable package of version 2.0.1-1 therefore works well.

How can I further help here?

Thanks again,

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