Musescore Debian source package repository

Toby St Clere Smithe tsmithe at
Wed Jun 17 10:10:48 UTC 2015

Hi Aurelien,

If you look at the pkg-multimedia git repo for musescore, you'll see
that the Vcs-* links are no longer pointed at the bzr repo. As soon as
the new package is uploaded, I'll remove the bzr repo.



Aurelien Martin <01aurelien at> writes:
> Dear Toby,
> I'm contacting you due to my ignorance of the location of the source
> package repository of Musescore
> If I'm looking at I can see a bzr
> repo no updated since a while.
> But I see that you are committing in the git repository (With mail received
> through pkg-multimedia mailing list)
> Please enlighten me :D
> Cheers,Aurelien

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