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Vincent Pinon vpinon.kde at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 04:08:25 UTC 2015


I posted my introduction message to the wrong list, just understanding 1 month after...
Here it comes again ;-)


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Objet : RFS: vid.stab/0.98b-1
Date : vendredi 11 septembre 2015, 22:26:35
De : Vincent Pinon <vpinon at april.org>
 À : debian-multimedia at lists.debian.org

Hello dear multimedia team,

I am Vincent Pinon, Kdenlive developer and long time Debian user.

I have been thinking of joining your team for years,
and today I seized the opportunity of having Debian Devs around me
(at KDE Sprint in Randa) to get guided in packaging process :-)

So I began my packaging activity with a small one :
the vid.stab (video deshaking filter) was missing for years in archive,
despite of an old ITP (709193)...

So here is the package, imported from a Ubuntu PPA, and cleaned a bit.

Next steps would be to use it in mlt builds, and even ffmpeg & transcode.

Hope this helps, please explain if anything is wrong.


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