RFS: vid.stab/0.98b-1

Vincent Pinon vpinon at april.org
Mon Oct 26 05:00:14 UTC 2015

> - You might want to keep the epoch so that people installing those
> packages can upgrade to this version when it lands in debian.
I also think that we should start with a clear base in Debian,
so I reset the changelog (wiping the dmo & ubuntu-ppa mix, but keeping copyright)...

> - Please use the alioth list as the maintainer (check any other team
> package [eg, csound] for the name and address). In general please read
> the guidelines in the wiki[1]
Sorry, fixed, and read again the ref page :)

> - Please drop the builddeb override, xz is the default.

> - On i386, we need to disable sse, as it is not guaranteed to be
> available on all hosts. I think it can be loaded at runtime by using
> the hardware capabilities feature of glibc linker:
>    - Compile the package twice, once with and once without sse.
>    - Ship the non-sse version in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/
>    - Ship the sse version in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/sse2
>    - Then ld.so will choose the appropriate version at runtime (see
> the ld.so manpage for details).
Hum, a bit beyond my packaging knowledge...
Do you have an example?

> - debian/copyright needs dates updated (2010-2014 for the upstream part).

All these changes in forced-upload again:

> - You might want to forward the patch upstream.
Right, I will do it

> This library looks very cool :)
I don't use it myself, but many Kdenlive users love it and miss it in debian/ubuntu

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
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