Introduction and request to join the Multimedia Team: Víctor Cuadrado Juan (viccuad)

Víctor Cuadrado Juan me at
Wed Oct 28 15:27:28 UTC 2015

My name is Víctor Cuadrado Juan, and I would like to become part of the
Debian Multimedia Team.

I'm a Spanish guy whose background is Computer Science Engineering, and
I'm interested in digital audio processing (apart from FOSS :). I have
used Ardour and audio plugins briefly a couple of times in the past, and
I (somewhat :) play drums and guitar.

I intend to maintain at least the drumgizmo package[1][2],
and help with other packages under the Multimedia Team umbrella when
it's under my possibilities.

I have already subscribed to pkg-multimedia-maintainers and
pkg-multimedia-commits mailing lists, and my alioth account is



Víctor Cuadrado juan
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