Bug#797965: bs1770gain somehow "destroys" gapless playback on (at least) lame encoded MP3s

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at scientia.net
Fri Sep 4 00:31:26 UTC 2015

Package: bs1770gain
Version: 0.4.5-1+b1
Severity: important
Tags: upstream


It seems that bs1770gain somehow "destroys" gapless playback
on (at least) lame encoded MP3s.

For example, when I encode gapless WAV files via e.g.:
lame --verbose -q 0 -v -V 3 --noreplaygain --id3v2-utf16 --add-id3v2 --id3v1-only 1.wav
lame --verbose -q 0 -v -V 3 --noreplaygain --id3v2-utf16 --add-id3v2 --id3v1-only 2.wav
than the resulting 1.mp3 and 2.mp3 play flawlessly gapless
with e.g. mpv or on the ipod (mplayer or totem don't seem to
support gapless playback at all).

But once after I did e.g.:
$ bs1770gain -ismrpt --replaygain -o r/ music/
$ bs1770gain -ismrpt  -o e/ music/
(with music containing the two MP3s) then the resulting MP3s in
e/ rspectively r/ no longer play gaplessly, neither with mpv
nor on the ipod.

When I do however:
$ collectiongain --regain music/
using the ReplayGain implementation from the python-rgain
then the resulting files still play perfectly gapless
in mpv/ipod.


PS: I've already notified upstream about this in a private

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