Fwd: ardour3 4.1~dfsg-1 MIGRATED to testing

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at umlaeute.mur.at
Fri Sep 11 21:07:43 UTC 2015

On 09/11/2015 10:38 PM, Jaromír Mikeš wrote:
>>> There are also ardour4 entry in desktop file ... are they correct?
>> dunno, they look fine to me;
>> do you have anything specific in mind.
> I just was not sure if binary now build is really ardour4 or just ardour

ah i see.

what i did was:
- used the "ardour3" repo to export the orig.tgz for the 4.* releases
- imported ardour_4.0~dfsg1.orig into the "ardour" repo
- rewound the "ardour3" repo to the commit right-after merging in
- copied the entire debian/ folder over to the "ardour" repo.
- replayed the follow-up git commits from the "ardour3" repo onto the
"ardour" repo.
 + but manually re-did the various upstream imports (since i'm not very
confident in replaying branch merges)

in the end, this should give us identical debian/ directories in both
the "ardour" repo and the "ardour3" repo (in the "-a4" family of
branches), and at the same time preserving most of the git-history of
the a4 packaging.
(this is only half-true, as the headlines in debian/copyright needed
adjusting: the source-package name is "ardour" and the version numbers
have an epoch; i accomplished that by tampering with the git-patches)

so after this, the 'ardour' repo would (theoretically) build exactly the
same binary packages as the 'ardour3' repo: a single "ardour" deb,
containing /usr/bin/ardour4

the rest you can see easily in the git history (--since fb0f3ee8)


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