Bug#798728: openni, uses inappropriate compiler flags on arm.

Peter Green plugwash at debian.org
Sat Sep 12 00:38:29 UTC 2015

Package: openni
Severity: important

In raspbian we run checks on built debs for armv7 tagged binary 
packages. Your package was detected by these checks and on further 
investigation. it seems that the following flags for all arm builds 
(whether Debian armel, Debian armhf or Raspbian armhf).

-march=armv7-a -mtune=cortex-a8 -mfpu=neon

These flags do not correspond to the minimum CPU requirements of the arm 
ports in question and are likely to break openni on a lot of arm systems 
(especially armel ones).

In general (the exception being code that uses runtime CPU detection 
methods either inside the app or through ld.so.hwcaps) packages should 
not be specifying compiler options like this. The minimum targetted CPU 
for a Debian port is the domain of the porters.

For reference the minimum CPU requirements are

Debian armel: armv4t, software floating point, soft float ABI, no vfp, 
no neon
Debian armhf: armv7-a, hardware floating point, hard float ABI, 
vfpv3-d16 fpu, no neon
Raspbian armhf: armv6, hardware floating point, hard float ABI, vfpv2 
fpu, no neon

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