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Hi Fabian,

Quoting Fabian Greffrath (2015-09-14 07:30:05)
> Am Sonntag, den 13.09.2015, 19:58 +0200 schrieb IOhannes m zmölnig:
>> personally i'm in favour of using it, but i only recently got 
>> involved.
> For those not involved, could you point me to a *single* advantage of 
> this workflow? The only difference I am able to point out is two 
> nearly identical files and a list of backslash-escaped Build-Depends 
> in debian/rules instead of debian/control.

Some build-dependencies directly tied to build system in use is computed 
by CDBS.

For example which exact version of which python or python-dev packages 
you need to depend on with python-central and how to adjust when 
switching to dh_python/dh_python3.

Additional build-dependencies can be computed based on 
other variables available in rules file.

If for example you want to temporarily drop a problematic 
build-dependency, you could do so conditional to the suite being 
experimental (to help ensure it is not forgotten later on - which 
perhaps is prepared by others than yourself).

It may also help keep track of featuresets (e.g. when some are disabled 
for longer times) when build-dependencies, binary dependencies, 
configure options and custom rules can be grouped.  See the ghostscript 
package for an example of that (all features are enabled nowadays, but 
previously there was some juggling with which jpeg library to use that 
needed several different things enabled/disabled in concert).

 - Jonas

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