Intent to join the pkg-multimedia Team

Anthony Fok foka at
Thu Sep 17 23:09:46 UTC 2015

Hello all,

I would like to join the pkg-multimedia Team to facilitate maintenance
of the "mma" (ITP #655441) and probably "linuxband" (RFP #799331)
packages for Debian.

Some other music-related packages that I have maintained include
lilypond (1997 to 2003) and frescobaldi (2014 to present).
I serve as a volunteer as a volunteer organist at a local parish,
so these tools are very helpful to me.

Since frescobaldi is maintained with the python-apps-team (as it was
before I took over its maintenance), I was about to upload "mma"
with the python-apps-team, but then discovered pkg-multimedia,
and saw that how csound, which to me is somewhat similar to mma,
is maintained with pkg-multimedia.  I finally realized that mma
is already inside the pkg-multimedia Git repository,
for several years no less!

I have just uploaded mma (15.01-1) to ftp-master, and would like to push
my changes to ssh:// ,
and that's how I've arrived here.  :-)

Many thanks!

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