Bug#799402: libsoundtouch0: ABI breakage in 1.9.1-1

Miguel A. Colón Vélez debian.micove at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 03:04:53 UTC 2015


I contacted upstream about it earlier and was about to open a bug report.

The library currently is versioned by upsteam as 0.0.0 but upstream
broke the ABI without bumping the SONAME. I sent a patch upstream to
bump the SONAME but I have not heard from him yet but it has only been

I'm trying to see if upstream will bump the soname to 1 or re-add the
removed symbols. I could bump the SONAME to 0debian1 if I don't get a
reply from upstream soon.

I'm already preparing a package and checking if all the reverse
dependencies build. I already checked dolphin-emu and and a rebuild
fixes it. So the transition should be easy.

For a SONAME bump I would also need someone to upload it to
experimental since it would require a trip via NEW. Two trips if we go
0 -> 0debian1 -> 1.


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