Uploading soundtouch to Experimental [NEW trip]

Miguel A. Colón Vélez debian.micove at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 19:37:57 UTC 2015

> What's the reason behind Conflicts + Replaces + Provides in libsoundtouch-dev?
> libsoundtouch1-dev never existed.
> Cheers
> --
> Sebastian Ramacher

It still exists:

I left it there since from my understanding squeeze is in LTS till
2016-02-06 and I thought that I still needed to support upgrading from
it. Now that I look at it again it could have been relaxed to a break
but that Conflict is from before I started maintaining the package.
Also, libsoundtouch1 should break/replace libsoundtouch1c2 if I'm
still going to support upgrading from squeeze. Should I change any of
those now or wait till the unstable upload?


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