question regarding license of hydrogen drumkits

IOhannes m zmölnig (Debian/GNU) umlaeute at
Mon Sep 21 12:14:17 UTC 2015


i'm contacting you, because you are the author of a couple of hydrogen
drumkits (i hope this is the correct email address - i assembled it
during a longish google research session; if not, please ignore this
email and sorry for the inconvenience).

i'm involved with the packaging of "hydrogen-drumkits" for the
Debian/GNU linux distribution (as part of the
"pkg-multimedia-maintainers", CCed).

Debian as a project is committed to deliver "free" (as in speech)
software and data to our users. whenever you install something from
Debian, you can be sure that you are free to use this in any possible
way. for this to work, we (the Debian project) go to great lengths to
ensure that the license of any software or data permits such use.

according to [1], you are the author of a number of "official" drumkits
for hydrogen.
we would like to include those drumkits into the Debian package, however
it is unclear under which license your kits may be distributed.
while the RSS-feed provides a <license> field, this field is left blank
for all the drumkits provided by you.

i would therefore like to ask you to clarify the license situation of
the drumkits.
it also appears to me, that some of the kits contain samples recorder by
other people, and/or samples that might be taken "directly" from digital
samplers (and thus be copyrighted by the companies producing those

so could you please tell us under which license terms each of your
drumkits may be (re)distributed (if at all)?

attached is a list of the drumkits i am talking about (and the URLs were
one should be able to retrieve them).

thanks for your attention.
i would love to hear from you.


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