hydrogen-drumkits package

IOhannes m zmölnig (Debian/GNU) umlaeute at debian.org
Mon Sep 21 12:44:42 UTC 2015

On 2015-09-14 23:09, Jaromír Mikeš wrote:
> Hi Alessio, Jonas, others
> I jumped in to updating hydrogen-drumkits package ... I updated it and
> realize that it is really huge! :(  ... About 250MB
> I think something so big doesn't make sense distribute in debian.
> What we should do with it?
> 1) Ask the upstream to make just "basic" collection of drumkits ( e.g.
> about 20MB ) package it and let users download whatever they want from
> internet?
> 2) Create package which wouldn't contain drumkits itselfs but only
> script for downloading and installing drumkits?
> 3) Other solution?

so after i tried contacting artemiy pavlov (the first address already
bounced; the 2nd has now bounced as well but at least with a hint where
to contact him), i re-read the hydrogen homeage, where it say:

> These libraries can also be downloaded and installed from within
> Hydrogen.  Goto Instruments -> Import Library.  Hit Update list',
> select the library you want to install and click the Download and
> install' button.

launching up hydrogen and doing as suggested, indeed reveals that the
hydrogen itself already comes with all the downloader functionality
suggested by you in (2).

this basically lowers my energy a bit to provide anything complicated
within Debian...

the incestive to keep a hydrogen-drumkits around would be
i think that main reason for a Debian package would be to provide a
verified-to-be-free set of drumkits and to provide a drumkit to start
playing with (but i think the latter is not so important as hydrogen can
also use GM - which sounds cheesy but provides at least something)


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