Bug#799945: RM: ardour3 -- ROM; package obsolete (replaced by newer version in different source package)

IOhannes m zmoelnig umlaeute at debian.org
Thu Sep 24 15:09:49 UTC 2015

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: normal


ardour (a digital audio workstation), is available in Debian via two source
- ardour  (providing ardour-4.2; current upstream version)
- ardour3 (providing ardour-3.5; released in 2014-10)

the pkg-multimedia team (including me) is maintaining both source packages.
the double source package comes from a time where "ardour" provided the stable
ardour-2.8 release, and ardour3 introduced a new major upstream version for
parallel install).

now, upstream has adapted a rolling release strategy, where they do not support
older releases.

in the light of this, the maintainers of both packages have decided to drop the
outdated ardour3 source package for stretch.

we therefore request removal from the unstable suite.

once ardour3 is removed from unstable, we will probably add a transitional
ardour3 *binary* package built from the ardour source package.
This transitional package will be removed after stretch has been released.


PS: once ardour3 is removed from unstable, do I need to file another RM for

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