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Good day, 

MohdSuhail Amar Suresh Abdullah by name, the Group Chief Technology Officer of Bank in Malaysia and a trained auditor working for the bank as part of a bigger team that covers the entire region. I have invested my time and effort in searching for contacts, using the deceased last name to reach you, and discuss about the deceased deposit in our bank.

I am contacting you for a good proposal to act as a relative to the late Mr. Alex who shared the same name with you, please reply back and let’s work towards taking advantage of this golden opportunity.

I am contacting you because I need to do the deal with someone outside the country for security reasons, it's not the type of deal you let someone around you to be aware of. My bank does not even know that I am contacting you in respect of these unclaimed funds in our bank.

I will explain better the process as a banker when I see your response; I shall wait to hear from you. Please confirm if the above email is yours .

Best Regards
From:  Mr. MohdSuhail Amar Suresh Abdullah
Email: mohdsuhail.abdul1 at
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